Dumbest Shit You’ll See All Day

The Washington Post, Ladies and Gentlemen:

The use of the derogatory phrase “paddy wagon” wasn’t the worst thing President Trump said last week. But it shouldn’t get lost amid the litany of objectionable utterances… To many Irish Americans like myself, the phrase is insulting; it should not be used in polite discourse.

I get that the opinion pages are not subject to the same scrutiny that “news” is supposed to get, and the WaPo is basically liberal mommy-porn, but some editor still should have taken the time to tell the author to shut his stupid mic mouth and take his pasty whiskey-soaked ass back to Ireland.



  1. LOL. I wonder if he knows it’s not an offensive term *in Ireland* 😀

  2. Funniest thing I’ve read this week!

    1. Having seen your attempts at comedy, I imagine it’s probably the funniest thing you’ve seen in years.

      1. Yeah. I am pretty lousy.
        Fortunately, there are lots of other funny people in my life!

      2. How is that fortunate? Do you live through their success; off of their money?

      3. No. I make a good living.
        Lots of people don’t have your keen perception.

  3. […] Not all Irish people are sensitive about the phrase “Paddy Wagon.” […]

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