Trump the fighter

People say they like Trump because he is a fighter. So far I don’t see him fighting for anything important, mostly just trading insults on Twitter.

But that is the very thing his supporters want him to do. They do not want him to faithfully execute the role of chief bureaucrat, they want him to challenge the dominant cultural narrative held dear by the media and the political class. Trump is a culture warrior, first and foremost.

Obama was similar. I always found Obama’s moralistic lecturing deeply irritating, but his supporters liked it because they felt like he was speaking for them. They wanted to scold and lecture their fellow Americans, and Obama faithfully filled the role of finger-wagger-in-chief. Trump is the insulter-in-chief, and that is what people like about him.

That Americans vote on the basis of who can best tell off other Americans, not on the basis of who can best manage the duties of the President as outlined in the Constitution, is stupid.


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