Monthly Archives: June 2017

The United States Against $17900

The Supreme Court will be hearing a case titled United States v. Seventeen Thousand Nine Hundred Dollars in United States Currency. Back in the days of pirates U.S. warships could commandeer the property of the pirate crew – cargo, supplies, ship and all – without a trial. Since the 1980s, thanks to the War On Drugs, […]

Venezuela on Lake Michigan

In today’s Chicago Tribune: Illinois is like Venezuela now, a fiscally broken state that has lost its will to live, although for the moment, we still have enough toilet paper. Illinois’ politicians have for decades been giving public employees with pension plans that are basically ponzi schemes and now the state is out of money. […]

The Spirt of Worcester

Charles Y. Harvey was back on top of the world. He had been asked to sculpt the bronze centerpiece of a fountain designed by none other than Charles Bacon, whose public monuments and private houses brought the glories of the classical world back to life as if the spirit of Phidias were alive and well […]

Evasion Tactics

Rod Dreher on evasion tactics: The evasion goes something like this: 1. [Our side] is accused of doing/supporting/enabling this horrible thing. 2. We are not the kind of people who would do/support/enable that sort of thing. 3. Therefore we are not guilty. Or it goes like this: 1. Our side is accused, etc. 2. But the […]

There Are No Good Options Left

I wrote a post after Manchester, but didn’t publish it. It was nothing that had not been said before. Reading internet comboxes has been depressing in the wake of these two attacks: on the one side there are increasing calls for expulsion of Muslims, on the other moralistic scolds are doubling down on the theme […]

Repost: Is Pity a Christian Virtue?

This old post is getting some views lately. It is lazy but it has some good ideas in it. In The Antichrist Frederick Nietzsche starts his takedown of Christianity with an attack on the virtue of pity. Christianity is the religion of pity, he says, though what seems to be a virtue is in reality a paralyzing, life-denying vice. […]