Why do these people all sound alike?

I have scrupulously avoided arguing with biblical literalists (or fundies, short for fundamentalists) for 25 years, not because I don’t enjoy arguing (I enjoy it too much) but because the form of argument is so irritating. Whatever Martin Luther meant by Sola Scriptura he surely did not intend the various stupefying shit-shows you can find on the internet.

Apparently some Evangelical Hardliners are pissed that one of their own was recently received into the Orthodox Church. An intrepid reporter decided to visit his local Greek Orthodox church to discover if the Orthodox were, indeed, Christians.

The visit confirmed his suspicions: they are not.

The Greek and Eastern Orthodox church is clearly a lifeless church. There was absolutely no gospel in this service. A lost person could not walk into this church and walk out a changed man. It was literally a Pagan practice. Like a seance. Pure witchcraft was going on in this place… It was truly one of the most wicked experiences I’ve ever seen.

If two and a half hours of old Greek ladies praying is “one of the most wicked experiences” he has ever seen I really suggest he get out more.

The great irony is that fundies like this guy believe in the Trinity and Hypostatic union, dogmas which are not formulated in Scripture but which were developed over the course of the first six Ecumenical Councils, all of which would have celebrated Mass with either the exact same liturgythe Liturgy of Saint Basil – or one very similar to it such as Liturgy of St John Chrysostom or the Liturgy of Saint James.

Actually, it isn’t ironic, it is just pathetic.

The argument techniques of fundies are false dichotomy, false equivalency, and caricature. I don’t think it is accidental that many internet atheists rely on the exact same modes of argument, either because they are former fundies, or they read a lot of fundies, or perhaps they, like fundies, just don’t posses the categories to understand what they are attempting to criticize.



  1. John Branyan · · Reply

    Great observation. Atheists and Fundamentalists are the same people.

    1. Not all atheists, there are different forms of it, and probably not all Fundamentalists.

      1. John Branyan · ·

        You will get into trouble suggesting there are different forms of atheism. I’ve upset several people when I told them atheists have faith.

  2. “Atheists and Fundamentalists are the same people”

    LOL! Actually, that’s often very true. Many atheists are former evangelizing fundamentalists. We call them evangelizing atheists because they seem to have managed to take everything unpleasant about religion with them,while rejecting the good parts. There are some Christians who are very unpleasant, too. I call it dogma dipped in ego.

    You see the same thing with the fems and the mra’s. Those guys don’t exist in opposition to one another, they share the same agenda,the same ideology,the same way of thinking.

    1. Yeah, groups that seem to be in opposition often have many unspoken agreements, or one is adopting the point of reference of the other.

      1. That is similar but not quite what I am talking about. A Biblical Fundamentalist and a “New Atheist” have similar thought patterns, Fascists and Communists don’t, even though they are both violent authoritarians.

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