Summer Reading

By the end of April I will have been liberated from classes. I have many goals for the summer and one is to build my attention span back to what it used to be. That means less internet and more reading in the evenings. I am going to have a pile of career-related stuff to read, but I’d also like to get some non-business reading in.

Here is my tentative list:

The Sunlight Dialogues, John Gardner. I enjoyed Gardner’s Nickel Mountain, and his famous Grendel was OK. May as well give him another try. If this early novel is too ponderous I might skip to his last, Mickleson’s Ghosts.

Lazarus, Eugene Vodolazkin. Vodolazkin had a neat article in First Things arguing that ancient and medieval forms are returning to modern literature. This novel about a medieval Russian faith healer looks interesting.

Being and Nothingness, Jean Paul Sartre. The basic concept is that man, being uncreated, has no essence, and therefore he is free (or condemned?) to create himself. Should be interesting.

Catholicism, Henri de Lubac. This is supposed to be one of those pivotal works of 20th century nouvelle theologie and I’ve always wanted to read it but “never had the time”; it really isn’t that long.





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