Hating your customers

Spider-Man was a great character; his super powers were just plausible enough to get me to suspend my disbelief: getting bit by a radioactive spider messed with his DNA… somehow… it was good enough. Quite unlike that that irritating crew known as the X-Men, none of whom were able to carry a comic book on his own so they had to team up, and each of whom had powers that routinely violated every single law of nature known to man and probably a few others, but which were all attributable to genetic mutations. What gene is responsible for shooting laser beams out your eyes or controlling the weather? Ever hear about thermodynamics?

Stupid X-Men.

Spider-Man’s secret identity, Peter Parker, was also a great character: clean cut, studious, deeply serious about his moral code but hardly serious at all about himself. When I was that age I secretly wanted to be like Peter Parker – not Spider-Man so much, just good and decent like Peter Parker, but I never managed.

Apparently Marvel comics made a big push to get away from characters like that and get more diverse, introducing more racial minorities and female characters (which I can’t remember ever being lacking, maybe they were the wrong kind of minorities and women) and of course have more themes of Social Justice.

As a result, sales dropped and Marvel now has to return to its roots. Despite vowing to return to the classics, Marvel, it seems, still hates its core customers:

So the kids didn’t like their self-indulgent political rants?

Its like they never heard about Captain Planet.

Let’s save the environment and not have fun doing it!

Back in the 80s a friend of mine had a “Christian video game” in which you were a bow-tied little boy who wandered the neighborhood shooting bible verses at bullies until they converted. Being proper Catholic children we thought it was the stupidest thing we had ever seen. I am sure Jesus Christ himself hated it. It was like Captain Planet but for Evangelical parents who wanted to humiliate their sons and hoped they would grow up to hate Mom and Dad and God forever and ever.

Message art, (or a message video game) is always bad art, even if it is just a comic book. That doesn’t mean you can’t have art made from diverse points of view.  In high-school I read and enjoyed Kristen Lavransdatter, and was amazed that teenage girls could have rational thoughts(!) and intelligible feelings(!) and such… at least according to that book.

My advice to the writers of Marvel, get out while you still can! No man (or woman, or non-gender conforming individual) can long preform a service to people he so transparently despises, and keep his soul intact.




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