Monthly Archives: April 2017

Not A Conspiracy

The Guardian has an article called The Sugar Conspiracy which recaps the story of how fat and cholesterol were demonized in the 1970s as the drivers of heart disease and obesity, when in fact the true culprit was sugar, either consumed as fructose or as excess starches. I doubt the article was named by the author, because the […]

Why do these people all sound alike?

I have scrupulously avoided arguing with biblical literalists (or fundies, short for fundamentalists) for 25 years, not because I don’t enjoy arguing (I enjoy it too much) but because the form of argument is so irritating. Whatever Martin Luther meant by Sola Scriptura he surely did not intend the various stupefying shit-shows you can find on […]

Summer Reading

By the end of April I will have been liberated from classes. I have many goals for the summer and one is to build my attention span back to what it used to be. That means less internet and more reading in the evenings. I am going to have a pile of career-related stuff to read, but […]

Having It Both Ways Part 2

The American center-left wants to have a Nordic welfare state, and values diversity, internationality, and self-expression, not realizing that the underlying cultures of the Nordic welfare states are famously homogeneous, insular, and conformist. In other words, Progressives want the benefits of a high trust society without the conditions of a high trust society. Worse, they actively […]

This is the Church

The church is privileged. The church only cares about power. The church wants to run my life. Stupid Christians worship white Jesus. America is a Christian Nation. God Bless America. We must defend Christendom! Meanwhile the oldest Christian churches in the world are reliving the crucifixion. Have been for 13 centuries.

Hating your customers

Spider-Man was a great character; his super powers were just plausible enough to get me to suspend my disbelief: getting bit by a radioactive spider messed with his DNA… somehow… it was good enough. Quite unlike that that irritating crew known as the X-Men, none of whom were able to carry a comic book on his own so they had […]

Having it both ways

According to the NYT Trump is just like Hitler because Trump wants to defund the National Endowment for the Arts. See, Hitler controlled what artists could and could not make, threw some in jail even. Trump does not want the government to pay for art, therefore Trump is Hitler, QED. Funding for the NEA is a mere droplet of budgetary allocations […]