The New Class Warfare

Kevin Williamson points out what we all know, but have not wanted to admit:

The Democrats have become what the Republicans once were: the party of the respectable upper-middle class — and of many of those who aspire to it. (The poor are for patronage and vote-farming.) They are, as the bourgeoisie always are, obsessed with social convention and etiquette (If a young white woman in college wears hoop earrings, is it “cultural appropriation”? How ashamed should I be for having watched Speedy Gonzales cartoons as a kid — and enjoyed them?). The Republicans have gone seeking tribunes of the plebs. (Weird thing: Our tribunes of the plebs have an awful lot of private jets backed in Palm Beach.) Up is down, left is right, confusion reigns.

On a related note, did you hear that the Trump budget eliminates funding for NPR and PBS? Not that it does much for the overall budget, it is largely symbolic.

I do like the symbolism however: have you ever asked yourself who the target demographic is for Public Broadcasting?

Is it poor Mexican kids in LA? Oye! Vamos a ver Antiques Roadshow!”?

Is it inner-city black kids in Detroit? “Quick, turn on the TV! Time for Downton Abbey!”?

Are the poor Appalachians of Kentucky crying out “Turn off the country music its time for All Things Considered on NPR!?

Who is the target demographic of NPR and PBS?


I will tell you:





NPR and PBS may have made sense forty years ago when rural communities were still deprived of the mind-rotting effects of TV, but nowadays they represent federal subsidies for the private radio and television habits of the Elizabeth Warrens of the world. If we were a serious nation we would long ago have told the old broads to go pound sand and put up with commercials like the rest of humanity.

But the thing that really pisses me off is that it takes Donald F Trump to point this out.

We are screwed.


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  1. Class warfare is solely engaged in by the Leftist politicians.

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