More notes from the apocalypse

From According to Hoyt:

But the same stick hitting politics is hitting EVERYTHING from Hollywood to your local grocery store.  A lot of it is still being done the way it was ten years ago, sure, but that is probably incompetent, delusional, and quite likely hurting the business…


This means that the leaders appear incompetent.  Really incompetent.  Crowds smell fear, like any wild animal.  The other things crowds do is notice failure, and the collapse and insanity of the press makes it hard for them to hide it.

Eight years ago people were sensing something was wrong.  Hiring Obama was part of this.  He was the dream-boat of the Marxists and everyone had been educated to believe Marxism (even when they weren’t told the name) was the way of the future.  I mean, it’s right there on the tin “progressive.”  It must be progress.  He had the education, he didn’t have experience in government but the media burned its last shreds of credibility to convince everyone he was a deep thinker.

Only, like managers being hired now on impeccable credentials, he was trained to administer the government of the thirties, at most.  Not the chaotic economy and intricate specializations of the oughts.

More and more people are failing like he did — by the book — and being declared successes, btw, by the similarly indoctrinated, while leaving the thing they were leading and administered in pieces behind them.

It is not their fault in a way.  Modern society requires training, but the training they’re being given, besides being infected with Marxist fantasies (this is similar to what held Catholic countries back from the industrial revolution.  All their training was religious, so it was hard to see past the ideal to the pragmatic) the techniques they’re being taught are fifty to a hundred years out of date.

I have commented a lot that we are being governed by our moral and intellectual inferiors, and that 2016 was the year of the Apocalypse, that is, the year that the hollow nature of our institutions finally became apparent and began to crumble. Feet of clay and all that.

Sarah Hoyt however argues that the people running the show – whether in media, publishing, religion, or government – are not necessarily imbeciles, it is just that they can’t help but to look foolish. Societies never manage to react to the changing economics; the world shifts under their feet but they keep behaving as they did before. The leaders judge their failures as successes, because they have no other way to judge reality. They fail by the book (I like that phrase). They are trained to manage the world of the 1930’s or the 1950’s and don’t really understand the 21st century, but neither does anyone else.


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