Latest Moral Fad


  1. Sex between unmarried people is a sin.
  2. Spontaneous sex between unmarried people is now good, so let the good times roll!
  3. Spontaneous is bad. Sometimes people get hurt, so let’s have explicit forms of consent before engaging in sex.
  4. In fact, women especially need safe spaces from which they can be protected from even male gazes and expressions of sexual interest from nerds.
  5. Preteen girls need to see more dick because tolerance!

Anthony Weiner must be kicking himself. Had he waited a few more months before sharing his dick picks he could have claimed he was teaching that 15 year-old girl tolerance.

For the myth of progress to hold, progressives need to be always changing their morals. The only way for the righteous to go about slaying the demons of conservatism is to create some new moral fad that contradicts the one from five minutes ago.

Chris Cuomo of course is a journalist so I doubt he is really capable of independent thought, but that is how fads work, see.

Example: all the kids drink soda until the cool kids start drinking bottled water. Soda, of course, is bad for you; water is a sign of being health conscious, so the cool kids spend good money on something that in civilized nations is free. Capitalism!

Then everybody drinks bottled water, so the cool kids decide that plastic bottles are uncool, immoral, in fact, being bad for the sea turtles. So the cool kids start buying surgical steel water containers. Capitalism!

Without ever evolving morals, you can’t stay cool.





  1. If one is to be a progressive, this is how one must think, this is what their dogma teaches.

    That being said, that anyone isn’t outraged by a 12 year old girl having to look at penises in what used to be considered a safe place is mind-blowing.

    1. I guess we just aren’t cool enough to get it.

  2. Uhg. You better be drinking something stronger than bottled water if you’re hoping to make sense of it all.

  3. Without continuing to evaluate where we can improve things, human society would never have developed. I love how it all flies over your little head.

    1. Constant self-contradiction is not development.

      1. Consent and respect suck up the issues in 1 to 4 – how to deal with particular situations. Number 5 (excusing your expression of the topic) is a new area, there are no easy answers right now, but there is continuous evaluation available.

      2. 3 and 4 attempt to correct the problems that come with abandoning 1 without admitting 2 was dumb. The benefits of abandoning 1 have yet to be proven, in fact we have lots of “evidence” it was a bad idea, especially for the lower classes.
        5 contradicts 3 and 4 completely; it is not a progression but another abandonment.
        You have to interpret chaos as a never-ending string of progress because that is your governing mythology.

  4. This is as ridiculous a story as the bakers being forced to bake. Is there a single verified example of an incident or is this just speculation designed for the exclusive purpose of marginalizing a group of people?
    The reality is that if there’s going to be a self-conscious person in a locker room you can *bet* it’s the transgendered individual- who, if you didn’t know yet, does not feel at ease with their birth sex. The last thing they’d do is publicize it, as that very thing would be a threat to their psycho-social identity.

    1. We have sex-specific locker rooms precisely to avoid things like little girls having to look at dicks. It is reasonable enough to think that if you remove those protections, you won’t avoid the things they are meant to avoid.
      The interesting thing is the reaction of our bubble-headed friend to the hypothesis: little girls need to learn to tolerate junk in their face.
      The transgender experience is so rare and so obviously a pathology that it really should not change our understanding of sex or our customs.

      1. No, the interesting thing is the deception. Deception based on speculation and in direct contradiction of available evidence and common sense.
        Imagine how far people can take things by instrumentalizing suppositions. Considering the abundant child abuse scandals for which there is much evidence should Catholic men be allowed into public toilets with children?
        See how easy that was.

      2. You are acting as if there is no reason to have sex-specific bathrooms.

      3. Sex specific? A transgendered person dedicates their entire existence to the gender they psychologically identify with. You’re acting as if that’s not part of the equation, and using deceptive language to paint a picture that has nothing to do with reality.

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