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Latest Moral Fad

Sex between unmarried people is a sin. Spontaneous sex between unmarried people is now good, so let the good times roll! Spontaneous is bad. Sometimes people get hurt, so let’s have explicit forms of consent before engaging in sex. In fact, women especially need safe spaces from which they can be protected from even male gazes and expressions of sexual […]

REPOST: The future of the Church

It is hard to predict contingent historical events, because there is so much we can’t know, and a few things we might be able to know but don’t really want to admit. The first way to make a prediction is to project trends into the future. If phenomena ‘X’ is on an upward curve, then we […]

The Many and the Few

A newly translated lecture by Joseph Ratzinger from 1958 has been published at Homiletic and Pastoral Review, dealing with the pastoral problems of running a church where the majority of members are not in fact believers, or who have only a tenuous faith. It is surprisingly timely. Despite the charge often leveled against Ratzinger that […]

Who Did It Better?

Who did it better? Cindy Williams and Penny Marshall:   Or Mike Myers and Dana Carvey? Hard call. I had a crush on Cindy Williams (Shirley) as a little boy, but Garth is pretty cute too. Meanwhile, did you know that Lenny and Squiggy had a band? They were awful. At 3:38 take a good look […]

Bad Faith Arguments

Last night I was thinking about the death penalty: I am generally opposed to it in the United States of the 21st century but perhaps there are times and places where the state must have recourse to it. Some people argue against the death penalty by appealing to Christian morality: we should forgive our enemies, turn the other cheek, […]

The Christian Left

This is an old post about the failures of Progressive Christianity. It is still relevant now that we see the Religious Right determined to follow down the same path.  I link to parts two and three below. There used to be a lively Christian Left in America which while not quite yet extinct is teetering on […]

Christainty as a means to an end.

Russell Moore: A religious right activist group from Washington placed fliers in our church’s vestibule, outlining the Christian position on issues. Even as a teenager, I could recognize that the issues just happened to be the same as the talking points of the Republican National Committee. With many of these issues, there did seem to be […]