Trump Hysteria of the Day

Rod Dreher expresses my feelings on good, bad, and ugly of Trump’s recent executive order regarding refugees better than I could, so I’ll just link to it.

My thoughts: a couple of years ago two Chechen refugees decided to plant bombs at the finish line of the Boston Marathon, killing three people and injuring about 250, 16 of whom lost limbs. They later murdered a police officer.

The family had been received from a war-torn nation with open arms. Mother turned out to be a small-time crook arrested several times for shoplifting. Big brother was a petty thug who beat up women. Russian intelligence twice warned the FBI that big brother was spending his vacations in Jihad camps. Little brother a pot-addled loser. They all lived on welfare; the only member of the family who seemed to hold a job was the sister, who worked as a stripper.

Any sane refugee program would have kicked those filthy assholes out of the country a decade ago but thick-witted lawmakers and lazy bureaucrats couldn’t be bothered.




  1. I don’t think the problem is even the ban, it’s that this is a show-ban. It’s meaningless. It’s not actually protecting anyone from anything. The effort and money involved would have been much better spent coming up with, as you mention, a screening program that works. That being said, screening programs work pretty well already.

    1. Is it a show ban? I don’t know. It comes across to me as a spastic gesture in the right direction.
      I have my doubts about the Government Geniuses doing the screening. 12 expired Visas that no gov’t bureaucrat could be bothered to follow up on blew up the world trade center and started two decades of war. The Russians warned the FBI twice about the Marathon bomber, and FBI said “Eh, fuck it.” The jihadist wife of the San Bernadino shooter lied on her visa application. State Department was like, “People lie on visa applications all the time, you expect us to do our jobs or something?”

      1. It’s a show ban because there’s no reasoning to it. Nationality is not a predictor of terrorist activity; but if one wanted to use it as such, Morocco and Tunisia (nationalities of the most recent attackers) should be on the list.

      2. The seven nations listed are mostly failed states where terrorist groups can thrive, so there is the rationale. Egypt and Saudi Arabia are not included for political reasons even though they produce a lot of terrorists, but on the other hand they have functional governments that can cooperate with the state department.
        Feels weird to be defending something Trump did, even if it is a qualified defense.

      3. To make that argument you’re going to have to show evidence that being from a failed state is linked to terrorist acts *More Than* being from a non-failed state. As that evidence does not exist, the position is flawed. The vast majority of terrorist acts are by natives of a country.
        I’m not saying an argument can’t be made for a ban, one could. It just hasn’t been done in this case.

      4. It is probably less a matter of origin and more a mater of traceability. If you come from Saudi Arabia we can know where you were, if you come from Iraq or Syria you are just a big question mark. But that is just me hypothesizing.

      5. To make that argument you need evidence traceability is a substantive factor in terrorism. All of the 9/11 terrorists had detailed immigration files, so traceability doesn’t keep anyone safer.

      6. Traceability would be helpful assuming our Government Geniuses were willing to, you know, do their jobs.

      7. To trace suicide bombers after attacks?

      8. Is terrorism impossible to anticipate?

      9. In a percentage of cases, absolutely.

      10. But not all cases.
        As sympathetic as I am to the notion that governments are incapable of managing complex open systems terrorists tend to fit into discernable demographics (usually young, male, middle-class). They are often highly defective individuals which tends to make them predictable. They are often part of organized groups – the violence is after all political. For the past twenty years or so they tend to Arab Muslims.
        For the chaotic element governments have to resort to the kind of mass prohibitions we are talking about: if we can’t trace your movements, if you come from this list of countries, if you lie on your application sorry, we are going to turn you away for the time being. You may have measles or be smuggling coke or might want to blow us up, etc.

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