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Read Rod Dreher today: Capitalism, Community, Christianity.

It says things I’ve felt, but had a hard time explaining.


  1. Very interesting; but aristocracy is part of Christianity. Kings reign by the divine Christian right of kings. Or is Mr. Dreher talking about a variety of Christianity that’s disconnected from history?

    1. Uhhh… not sure what aristocrats have to do with the greed-induced collapse of a vibrant community. And Dreher being a southerner he is probably drowning in history.
      How is this for an historical hypothesis: Catholicism was most at home in feudal Europe, and has not managed to really understand the modern world. Orthodoxy never even made it to the middle ages and still longs for the Empire. Protestantism is modern: high church (Lutherans, Anglicans) the autocratic side of modernity (where you get the divine right of kings), low church (evangelicals) the individualistic side of modernity.

      1. You don’t get what aristocracy has to do with exploitation? I find that hard to believe.

      2. I just fail to see the connection to the article.

      3. Christianity doesn’t exist in a vacuum. It’s also a system of assigned privileges based on identity.

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