Taking a Break

I’ve had this blog since 2011. My, how time flies. I’m going to give it a rest for a month or so. Maybe I’ll pick it up again, maybe not.

At the beginning I had a lot of unfinished thoughts that needed expressing, lots of books I’d read that needed digesting, but as time went on I settled into a pattern of griping about politics or reporting on other people’s good ideas. The blog would get stale, then liven up a bit, then get stale again. It is entering a another stale state, and I’d rather skip that altogether.

I’ve never written for an audience or tried to “start a blogging community”. I started blogging because when I put my thoughts in order on a page I find that I either don’t really know what I am talking about, or I make those thoughts more coherent and consistent. It always turns out that I am not nearly as smart as I like to imagine. Hence the title of the blog.

That does not mean I am not argumentative and sometimes rude. While the rudeness is not OK, there is no contradiction between recognizing the fact that intelligent people might have rationally coherent arguments and still be wrong (tolerance) and calling bullshit when I see it.

As a boy I was on the receiving end of what nowadays is called “a classical Christian education” imparted via “the Socratic method”, which meant arguing all day about everything, for fun.

And fun it is, but it is becoming more beneficial to not always have to express a thought.


One comment

  1. I wish you well in whatever ventures you pursue. Sadly, I have not yet run out of words that must be said.

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