Quotes of the Day

From Bret Stephens of the WSJ:

Many things explain Mr. Trump’s unexpected victory, but not the least of them was the ability of his core supporters to shut out the inconvenient Trump facts: the precarious foundations of his wealth, the plasticity of his convictions, the astonishing frequency of his lying. Mr. Trump attracted millions of voters thirsty to believe. That thirst may hold its own truth, but it doesn’t lessen a columnist’s responsibility to note that it won’t be slaked by another hollow slogan of redemption. “Make America Great Again” will go the way of “Hope and Change.” Whether or not this disappointment gives way to wisdom is another question.

I have watched with some disappointment as people I love went through a process of convincing themselves that the lesser of two evils was in fact a good. Many friends and relatives who are raging liberals hated Clinton but still talked themselves around to finding all sorts of wonderful new qualities in her. People who hated Trump discovered he was a wonderful guy once they were faced with a binary choice.

I don’t blame anyone for voting the way they did, if they did it with open eyes.

One of my biggest fears of The Age of Trump is the fact that he is a poor manager who has routinely failed to run his businesses well. The guy couldn’t run a strip club in Atlantic City fer go’ssake.

This interview with Trump advisor Steve Bannon was a little reassuring:

Mr. Bannon’s role in the Trump campaign was never made clear, though fellow adviser Kellyanne Conway called him the campaign’s “general” and a “brilliant tactician.” Mr. Bannon describes a close alliance of himself, Ms. Conway and Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner, who developed a very “tight strategy” that relied on targeted speeches, rallies and social media. They envisioned two possible paths to the White House: one that hinged on Nevada and New Hampshire; the other that “leveraged Ohio” and rolled up Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin. By the last week they saw the latter plan coming together.

In other words, the Trump team and the RNC set up a strategy and followed through on it. Assuming Bannon isn’t just blowing smoke, it is a good sign. My biggest fear about Trump is that he will bring chaos. Will the team around Trump manage to restrain him?


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  1. My biggest fear is also chaos, but not actually because if anything trump does, but because of the heart of some people in this country who actually want chaos, on both the left and the right. There are extremists circling around hoping for chaos and a power void they can exploit.

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