The Religious Right Is Still Dead

The Trump victory should not fool any Religious Rightists who hitched their wagon to his campaign. The fact that a pig like him should be elected is a sign that the R.R. is about as influential as the Religious Left, which is to say that its role is no longer to help shape social realities but to simply offer theological rationalizations for the sins of the powerful.

Trump is not recognizably pro-life, he is quite happy with gay marriage, he is a misogynistic pig of Bill Clinton proportions.*

Now, plenty of members of the R.R. have voted for Trump with open eyes, recognizing both their powerlessness to shape the culture and his deep flaws but voting for him anyway figuring that at least he is not actively hostile to them and their interests. Under Trump, they will most likely be left alone and not be bullied by bureaucrats for failing to show proper enthusiasm for Bruce Jenner’s severed wang or for not putting gender neutral bathrooms in their independent schools, or whatever other stupidity the Social Justice Wing of the left wants to think up next in their game of moral Calvinball. One cannot, for example, imagine Trump attempting to force nuns to buy insurance for abortificants the way Obama did.

But there is still a segment of the R.R. that is simply delusional about Trump. It is a culpable self-delusion and not a blameless stupidity. The source of their delusion is of course the lust for power and power of course is largely an illusion.


*To be just, Trump does have his good qualities: an upbeat and friendly personality, patriotism, and more brains than people give him credit for, having just hijacked one political party and destroyed another.

One comment

  1. The Religious Right is dead, long live the Religious Right?

    I guess I have a really jaded view of the RR. For most of my life they’ve never been religious or right. So yes, Trump is a perfect representative for them. Support Trump, the pro-choice, thrice married, bragged about adultery, doesn’t pay his subcontractors, and doesn’t believe in the cross on account of the fact that he’s never sinned. Yep, that’s the religious right I know…..and love, when I’m able to dodge their hypocrisy and constantly roving hands.

    I guess in many ways the RR strengthens my faith, leads me to really understand our need for a Redeemer, for Salvation.

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