Illusions shattered.

I never thought Donald Trump could be elected President, even running against Clinton. I argued that Clinton would be a bad President, but predictable and not as unstable as Trump and therefore the more rational choice (not that I was going to vote for the crook).

But, what do I know? Apparently, not very much.

Lots of people deluded themselves into thinking that their candidate was actually a good candidate, that Trump was a True Conservative, that Hillary wasn’t a crook, etc. But exit polls show that about 60% of voters were very unhappy with the choices presented to them, so in their minds this election was a wide-eyed choice for the lesser of two evils.

Turning away from delusion is important. Admitting your ignorance is important.

  • Political commentators and talking heads know nothing. Will they admit it?
  • Trump was the only Republican candidate willing to point out that the war in Iraq had been a boondoggle and the only one willing to say that the United States should enforce its own immigration laws. Does this mean that the Republicans will come around on these issues? Have their illusions been removed?
  • Even thought they control the government, do the Republicans realize they don’t have a conservative mandate? Do they realize that they can’t attempt to “fundamentally transform” America the way Obama attempted to?
  • Trump was the only candidate who criticized free trade. I am quite in favor of free trade but it looks like I’m the only one. Am I deluded? Is it really bad when the numbers say it is good? Why is it so impossible to sell free trade?
  • Obama still has a 55% approval rating, so it seems like some Obama voters defected from Clinton. Did the Democrats care about winning the election at all? What possessed them to select such a loser?
  • For a Republican, Trump did pretty well among Blacks and Hispanics. He got 13% of the back vote and 30% of the Hispanic vote, better than Romney. Will the Democrats admit that?
  • Lots of left-leaning folks are wailing and decrying how racist America is, as if America didn’t just vote for Obama twice. Did the defectors from Obama just now realize he was black? Will the left:
    • Realize that smug self-righteousness doesn’t win any friends? That when you call people racist, white trash deplorables they might – get this – not vote for you?
    • Realize that nobody gives a damn what Katy Perry and Lady Gaga think?
    • Admit that the economy has under-preformed under Obama and that people have suffered?
  • One of the great under-reported stories of the last few months has been skyrocketing insurance costs thanks to Obamacare. Will the media admit that this might have had something to do with the election results? Will the Democrats admit it was a mistake?




  1. The free trade issue worries me enormously. I can’t find a single (serious) study that shows it has negative effects. That’s why people from all sides have supported it for so long. That suddenly majorities may be willing to readily throw evidence out the window is frightening.

    1. Me too. I understand why free trade seems to be a bad thing, a factory closing and moving to China is a horrible experience for a town. But at this point shrinking the market is the exact opposite of how to bring back factory jobs.

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