Discredited Institutions

It is safe to say the following institutions have been thoroughly discredited.

  • Every polling agency.
  • The Neo-Conservative movement: Iraq was a major blow, but this took down any remaining pretense of viability.
  • The Media: Especially CNN which was revealed to have been colluding with the Clinton campaign, but also pretty much every major newspaper and network who are so blind to their own prejudices they could not see what was happening right in front of them.
  • The Clinton Foundation.
  • Political Consultants: they don’t know squat.
  • The Religious Right (see my last post): character doesn’t really matter when your guy does it.
  • Obamacare: I suspect the sudden rise in insurance costs was an under-reported factor in the results.
  • The Justice Department and FBI: the struggles between the FBI and the Justice Department over whether or not to pursue charges against Clinton will eventually become public and it will not be pretty. I would anticipate a great deal of collusion and presidential interference.
  • The Democrat Party.
  • The American University system: their failure to stop outbreaks of delusional student fascism probably contributed to the Pro-Trump feeling.
  • Hollywood and entertainment people who imagined they have influence.
  • Black Lives Matter and La Raza: It seems elements of the Clinton campaign was supportive the violence at Trump rallies earlier in the year, though I doubt Clinton herself was aware of it. She to her credit spoke out against it and it stopped. But it is clear that these movements were a) partly AstroTurf and b) utterly backfired.
  • Google, Facebook and Twitter: for their attempts at swaying the vote which also backfired.

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