Contrary to what internet memes are saying, the next President will not be Hitler, but either a game-show host or a felon.

The game-show host has a history of erratic behavior, and no idea how to manage anything. Putting this man at the head of an already vast and wasteful Federal bureaucracy will be a disaster. The hope of some Republicans that he can be a figurehead while party operatives run the show behind the scenes is absurd: a figurehead, at minimum, needs a sense of personal dignity and the ability to follow orders. And it is not as if Republican party operatives are geniuses, if they were, they would not have let Trump take over the party.

The deeply unpopular felon will start her term with an FBI investigation looming over her. The easy way out of it will be to simply have the Justice Department squash the investigation and dare a divided congress to do something about it. That will set a very simple idea deep into the hearts and minds of millions of Americans: the game is rigged, there is no justice, accountability or rule of law, there is only power.

Either way, the institutions supposedly governing society will be discredited.


One comment

  1. “Either way, the institutions supposedly governing society will be discredited.”

    Isn’t that partially the American heart, though? Aren’t we all about how absolute power corrupts absolutely? Don’t we have a system of checks and balance for that very reason, because we know the nature of human beings often means potential corruption?

    When I look back on history I see a lot of irreverence for government, and many “discredited institutions.” Besides,who wants to live in an institution?

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