Crooked Hillary

The Justice Department representative overseeing the newly opened Hillary e-mail case is Assistant Attorney General Peter Kadzik. He is a friend to John Podesta, Clinton’s campaign chairman. Kadzik was Podesta’s lawyer during the Lewinsky affair, helping Podesta wiggle out of perjury charges. Why hasn’t the DOJ noticed the conflict of interest?

Wikileaks has revealed that Kadzik was feeding Podesta information about the DOJ investigation into Clinton all along.

Will the DOJ notice the conflict of interest now?

Of course not.

So we can be sure in advance that Kadizk will find no evidence of wrongdoing on Huma’s laptop, whether it is there or not.

Trump, bless his simple, swinish heart, is right: the election is being rigged. Yes the votes will still be counted, and Trump will still lose, but only Trump’s full awfulness has been exposed, not the full awfulness of his opponent.

I’m sure the ones trying to do the rigging are telling themselves it is for the greater good, that anything is better than Trump, but it reveals that the country is being run by an insular, venial, self-referential clique of assholes, and there is nothing you can do about it.

2016 continues to be an apocalypse, a great unveiling. 







  1. “Yes the votes will still be counted, and Trump will still lose”
    You can eat your words when the nightmare comes true. I’m still reeling from Britain being out of Europe.

    Can you tell me why there isn’t a bigger movement in your country to vote for independent candidates given that these two are so appalling for the vast majority? There are other choices, aren’t there? Are people so stupid (or narrow of vision?) that they can’t grasp that as a possibility?

    1. Trump himself should probably be understood as an “independent candidate” since he is not a conventional Republican at all, really a protest candidate. He has done everything with very little party help and is providing model for future independent candidates. You don’t need tons of money and organization to get 40% of the vote, if Trump had a little more self control and a modicum of organizational skill he would be winning.
      Sanders also would have won the Democratic Primary had the Democrats not rigged their system against a Sanders-type candidate.

  2. I think Trump is going to win. I guess we’ll see on the 8th.

    1. Either way we’re screwed. Trump will be the more entertaining clownshow.

    2. You were right!

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