America the Ungovernable?

Both grifters like to surround themselves with sycophants. No one ever thought to tell Grifter 1 “No, you stupid old crook, you can’t have classified information on an unsecured private server just because you are afraid of Congress exercising its Constitutional oversight responsibilities, that is a felony.”

Speaking of sycophants…

Grifter 2 also has a knack for surrounding himself with yes-men. It seems like most of his employees are his own family members, always a very bad sign for any business larger than a convenience store. Who in his inner circle ever told him “No, running for President is just stupid. Stick to being a game-show host. You couldn’t run a strip club in Atlantic City for crying out loud.”

On the bright side, Washington D.C. does have people willing to say no. In fact, it is safe to say that unless one or both candidates withdraws from the election (please!) or dies (Ha ha! awesome!! I’m mean… how sad) the next President will start his or her term discredited, hated by 45% of the people and distrusted by 60%, with a large portion of the apparatus of government licking its chops for an opportunity to impeach or indict him or her.

So, four years of gridlock and scandal. The nation simply will not be governed, which isn’t really a bad thing. It is like a gang shooting or Middle Eastern civil war: it is “bad” but at least they are hurting each other and not me.

The only time we need a functional government is in a time of crisis. So we had better hope there are no crises.

Update: A further thought, the crisis could – unfortunately – come in the form of one of the candidates too… either one is a constitutional crisis waiting to happen.



  1. “…the next President will start his or her term discredited, hated by 45% of the people and distrusted by 60%, with a large portion of the apparatus of government licking its chops for an opportunity to impeach or indict him or her.”

    I think that’s rather ideal in a democracy or a republic. I actually believe this is shaping up rather well. Absolute power always corrupts, so when you roll into office with a ground swell of support it often takes people 8 years to even admit our leaders could have any flaws. That’s always very dangerous. This time we’ve got at least half the country convinced our leaders should be handed less power, not more, and that goes in either political direction.

    As hard as it is to see sometimes,it really is the spirit of the people who rule this country and potential impeachment hovering in the back ground can be a good thing.

    1. Perhaps. In the meantime every aggressive foreign power will be testing our paralyzed government.

      1. Perhaps, but sometimes I wonder if “aggressive foreign powers” aren’t also invested in propping us up? Those who wish to see the US fall are generally small, hostile, banana republics, or Islamic radicals. The larger ones, Russia,China, Saudi Arabia, etc, are kind of locked in this dance with us. It wouldn’t benefit any of them to not have the US around. I can’t divine how hot headed super powers are going to act of course, but I’m thinking most of them are holding their breath over this election, much like we are.

    2. Lucretius · · Reply

      Maybe, but one of the essential purposes of government is unity, and that has always been a problem in American government. In American history, disunity has gotten so bad before that a massive civil war even occurred as a result.

      One of the downfalls of democratically elected monarchs is that those who didn’t vote for him tend to feel disconnected from political life: and if this election shows anything, it’s that most citizens feel like the government is a Leviathan that we appease with taxes and votes, rather than an order we participate in for the public good and protection of individual rights.

      Christi pax.

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