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Who, whom. So now it seems you can deny service to people based on your private moral convictions! Good for him. It is his money and probably a small, closely held business. This is a local color story, and de minimis non curat lex. But if you are an old lady with qualms about arranging flowers for a gay wedding? […]

Cheap Used Books!

  My new favorite twitter feed is Paperback Paradise. Enjoy some of their classic children’s titles:   The Hardy Boys!   Classic Fantasy! Sweet Valley Girls! Y.A. Classics! Wow, it is really a trip down memory lane. Check out all their titles! (Borderline NSFW, exercise adult discretion!)


Kevin Williamson: Democrats, especially the more self-consciously progressive of them, love the Nordic model of government, or at least what they mistakenly believe to be the Nordic model. (In reality, the Nordic countries have seen a great deal of free-market reform in the past 25 years, and have robust market economies driven by free trade […]

The Historical Jesus (Repost)

I’m pulling this one out of the archives because the theme has been on my mind. Enjoy. There is a massive artifact testifying to existence and work of Jesus, which is called the church. It can be categorized as a society, a culture, a corporation, or a network. It is the main source. Unsurprisingly, the […]

Quotes of the Day

From Bret Stephens of the WSJ: Many things explain Mr. Trump’s unexpected victory, but not the least of them was the ability of his core supporters to shut out the inconvenient Trump facts: the precarious foundations of his wealth, the plasticity of his convictions, the astonishing frequency of his lying. Mr. Trump attracted millions of […]

Fear and Gloating

I admit I have been guiltily enjoying the freak-outs from the left over the Trump elections. I don’t want to enjoy it, I did not vote Trump and don’t trust the Republicans to do anything but serve themselves, but when I see stuff like this: For a lot of people, this is the Great Depression, but this time it's emotional […]

Bannon Unmasked

The Left is freaking out over Stephen Bannon of Brietbart being named to Trump’s cabinet because according to his ex-wife he said mean things about Jews, and we know how fair ex-spouses can be. I don’t know what evils lurk in Bannon’s heart, I’m sure there are many, but I’m always suspicious of accusations of racism. It is […]