Donald’s Inferno

Deep thoughts from Rod Dreher:

In Dante’s Inferno, all of the damned are two-dimensional men and women. There is nothing there but the facsimile of a person. They loved their sins so much that they became them. They have no free will anymore; that is what it means to be damned. They are nothing but appetite, and have lost forever communion with God. This is Donald Trump, or at least the Trump we see in these tapes, and in public. He’s one of the living damned, and doesn’t even know it.

I actually think this is too harsh. People who actually know him tend to like Donald Trump. He is affable and upbeat. That doesn’t make him “a good person”, he has proven over the last thirty five years that he isn’t, but Trump’s wickedness is of a very ordinary kind. You probably know half-a-dozen Trumps, overgrown teenagers who have a hard time imagining anything might transcend the immediate needs of their ego and genitalia.

Trump is bad because he is so shallow. Not a nutcase, not a hater, just not much of a human being. Self-promotion is his one need and talent. Imagine someone who wants to be like Trump, or rather the persona Trump projects: if heaven exists, can that hypothetical person enter it?



  1. What I find and have found most depressing is the cult of what he stands for. Being a “shark”. Making money quickly no matter who gets hurt in the process. Fame for the sake of adulation.

    1. Nota bene that Trump has not built anything lasting, his ventures are generally failures. His product, he would say, is his brand – i.e. himself.
      Which is the same as any conman.

      1. Why don’t more people find that insulting?

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