Pixy Dust and Unicorns

They are saying there was another debate between Lying Asshole A and Lying Asshole B last night.

The last Presidential Debate I tried to watch was in 2008. I had been trying to be a better person and resolved to do my civic duty and listen to the candidates with an open mind.

I lasted maybe ten minutes. My breaking point, for all debates and political speeches for all time, was an exchange that went something like this:

Moderator: Senator McCain, how do you plan to balance the budget?

McCain: With infinite tax cuts and pixy dust, John.

Moderator: But, Senator, what about reality?

McCain: Oh, ummm, errr, well Christ, I don’t know… maybe… (cough*) spending cuts … mumble mumble.


Moderator: Senator Obama, how do you plan on balancing the budget?

Obama: With infinite spending and unicorns.

Moderator: And how do you plan on dealing with reality?

Obama: Unicorns, Fred. Unicorns all the way down.


After the debate the talking heads cooed about how Obama “won” that question, meaning the criteria for winning the debate was which grifter could make a self-evidently absurd statement without flinching.

Just how stupid do they think we are? I asked myself. The answer of course is “very stupid” and we have yet to prove them wrong.

One comment

  1. Psssssssssst… psssssssssssssssssssst…. you, over there. Where can I buy some pixy dust? 😀

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