Now That is How You Destroy A Candidate

I have to hand it to the Democrats. I don’t want to predict the outcome of the election quite yet – anything can happen in this strange year – but it looks like the Democrats have done a good job of putting Donald Trump’s piggishness front and center. Turns out Trump doesn’t only talk as if he were Bill Clinton, he acts like him too.

Why didn’t the Republicans ruin Trump like this back during the primaries? Jeb Bush couldn’t have pointed to the million and one crude things Trump has said during his lifetime? Marco Rubio’s campaign couldn’t have gone around looking for women Trump had groped?

Had the geniuses running the Republican party simply dug up the dirt that many of us knew was there all along because it had been plastered all over tabloid covers since we were six America would soon be celebrating The First Latino President in the form of Rubio or even Cruz.

Also, while the only large media organisation that the Republicans can count on to parrot their party line is Fox News, the Democrats have the rest of the large news organisations – both print and TV – with whom to collude. (You really think these news orgs only realized now in October that they had Trump on tape saying this kind of stuff? You think the Hillary campaign didn’t know all along?)

Finally, just like a certain portion of the Democrats (among them, Hillary, the religious left, and the feminist movement) didn’t care that Bill Clinton was a Grope Artist, Perv, and All Around Disrespector of Women, the people who elected Trump in the primary (among them Gerry Falwell, Ralph Reed, and anyone else impressed by shameless self-promotion) didn’t care that he was a pig.



  1. I really wish people were clever enough for sophisticated conspiracy. It would at least give me the sense of security had by knowing clever people are in charge.
    As for the *defenders* of Bill Clinton… I think you’re discounting what used to be the status quo. I know both my grandfathers had affairs and remained married For-Ever. I don’t mean assault, of course, that’s a whole other story. But affairs used to be accepted as part of life. Proper people didn’t divorce.

    1. I don’t think it is a “sophisticated” conspiracy.
      If it were uncovered that Obama had been screwing around I wouldn’t care: screwing around is private and no one is perfect in matters of sex (and his wife is good looking but seems like a bit of a scold.)
      If Obama were engaging in Clinton / Trump style sexual assault it I’d care because if an ordinary person did it he would be fired or even prosecuted. And I’d get really pissed when all the feminists and journalists would fall all over themselves to defend him.

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