I Started A Movement


A few weeks ago I gave a vulgar rant about how I was giving up on football. I had been watching less games with each passing year – first just the Patriots games, then just important Patriots games, then just night games before I said screw it.

Looks like I’m not the only one giving up. It seems NFL ratings are taking a sizable hit. In part it may be because more people are streaming the games, but according to Rasmussen it also seems like people are mad about players protesting the national anthem.

I am annoyed about the anthem, but I’m equally annoyed by the fascist military pomp during games. A military parade is OK everyone once in a while, but every freaking week? What is this, North Korea?

It wasn’t one thing that turned me against football, it was the drip-drip-drip Chinese water torture of ever more arcane and unfairly applied rules, ever more arbitrary leadership, ever longer commercial interruptions, until it finally dawned on me that there are a million and one things I could be doing that are more interesting than sitting in front of a flickering box watching men in tights chase an oval ball.

I don’t have to watch ACLs getting torn. I don’t have to watch wife-beating sociopaths make money for chasing a ball. I can see cheerleaders on the internet.


See? Easy.

If the NFL really had a great product then people would put up with the anthem protests. But the product isn’t all that great anymore, maybe it never was, the anthem issue is just pushing people over the edge.


    1. I’m sure it is, but I’m going to try and get outside more.

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