Monthly Archives: October 2016

Bad Things, Good People

Though he would be amused to hear it, Benedict of Nursia (480-540) is one of the founders of what we now call Europe. Benedict spent most of his life trying to avoid civilization – whether of the decadent Romans or of the brutish Goths – but he established what would become the cultural engine of […]

The wonders of technocracy

One of the interesting side shows to this steaming pile of an election has been the crisis of Obamacare. Per The Week Obamacare needs a massive influx of federal cash: This week, the White House dropped a news bomb by acknowledging insurance premiums on ObamaCare’s exchanges will rise 25 percent in 2017. Those escalating premiums are already […]

Ace of Spades on Scandal

Apparently Gingrich went after Megan Kelly because she only reports on Donald Trump’s scandals, not the ideas behind the election. Had Gingrich listened to himself back in the 90s and not gotten into controversies about semen-stained dresses he would have made a deal with Clinton the First to reform Social Security and Medicaid, stabilizing the U.S Government’s […]

Donald’s Inferno

Deep thoughts from Rod Dreher: In Dante’s Inferno, all of the damned are two-dimensional men and women. There is nothing there but the facsimile of a person. They loved their sins so much that they became them. They have no free will anymore; that is what it means to be damned. They are nothing but appetite, […]

70s Rock Bands

I had Badfinger’s Finding Out About You stuck in my head all day. I have fairly eclectic taste in music but I find when I get a song stuck in my head it is always 70’s rock. The 70s gave us a lot of great things, like me. And it gave us some great music, like Badfinger and The […]

Looking forward to Clinton II

I never could have imagined Hillary Clinton as President, I thought she was the worst possible candidate, but it turns out the Republicans picked an even bigger stinker. If each party were intentionally trying to throw the election, what would they have done differently? Nothing. Ross Douthat considers Trump a plane crash, Clinton a slow-moving train […]

Only in the Middle Ages

The Virgin Mary socks the devil. She is obviously enjoying herself. The monk who painted this probably had a practical, good natured mother.