A GIF contains a thousand words.

A GIF contains a thousand words.

The NTY has a story about Iowan Evangelicals scratching their heads and wondering how and when they became national pariahs. They can’t wrap their heads around anything, especially this Donald Trump character. I wish the NYT had a comments section so we could see all the nice liberals who used to say “who could possibly suffer from gays having the right to marry?” now saying “serves the bastards right”.

The things that defined a culture – a way of interpreting life, a set of morals, rules, traditions and goals were great if you wanted stability and inter generational solidarity, but if you want money and power those things have to be destroyed every few years and replaced with the new and improved. If you build things to last, you can’t get rich selling new things.

In the constant recreation of morals there are winners, and there are losers. It is like musical chairs, when the next fad of comes around you are either an early adopter or you are a hatemonger.

And hate has no rights.

It would be nice to retire to the quiet life and hate in peace, but there is no private sphere to retreat to, because everything is politics all the time. You can’t even turn on a football game without being subjected to fascist military celebrations and BLM protests.

The future is a screaming match between a fat sweaty Trump supporter and a fat sweaty college feminist, with you tied up and gagged in a chair between them. Their argument makes no sense because it isn’t about truth – the rules of argument change every few minutes.




  1. I lived in Iowa for the first 27 years of my life, in various parts of the state, cities, small towns and rural. The Odgaards didn’t see what was going on there over a course of decades, but their kind of exclusive orthodoxy has also been eroding in strength everywhere else. We were getting sensitivity training about sexual orientation in high school clear back in the 1970s (in Cedar Rapids). Where were they? Holed up in a metaphorical cave with others who believed the same, in denial of the inevitable cultural changes that were coming.

    Americans (Iowans too) have a greater innate desire for fairness than they do for redemption through excluding others (to keep YOUR group “pure”). You can’t have a commercial enterprise that is non-religious, a space that rents but is not actually a church, and then exclude customers using a religious objection standard. Now that it is a church, they have more legal cover for their standards, but they would still be in trouble if (for example) they refused to sell gift shop items to anyone who behaves well and is willing and able to pay. Trade is non-religious.

    1. In general it is nobody’s business why you refuse to sell something to somebody.

      1. That is not true legally. Merchants get tax benefits, so they have to conform to commerce laws. No one is forced to be a merchant though. If you want complete freedom in who you do or don’t serve, don’t charge money, or incorporate as a 501c3 charity/religious organization.

        The basic standard for qualification of customers if you choose to sell goods or services is reasonable behavior, and willingness/ability to pay. Businesses can’t otherwise refuse unless it is an item/service they do not normally provide to other willing customers, or the request happens outside normal hours.

  2. “The future is a screaming match between a fat sweaty Trump supporter and a fat sweaty college feminist, with you tied up and gagged in a chair between them”

    All in good humor here, but that is not “the future. ” That is actually hell. People should repent and avail themselves of mercy now, while they still can.

    1. Said the fat, sweaty, doomsday announcer. Repent and buy Rapture Insurance from Inanity!

  3. Are you serious? They’re crushed because… they can no longer tell other free, tax paying citizens who they can sleep with or marry?

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