Andrew Sullivan vs The Internet

Andrew Sullivan was one of the biggest bloggers out there, and an influential voice among liberals, conservatives, Catholics and gay rights activists (yes, he managed to speak for all four). I followed his wordpress blog for a while but was simply overwhelmed by the volume of his writing, twelve or thirteen posts a day, sometimes more.

Then he quit:

If the internet killed you, I used to joke, then I would be the first to find out. Years later, the joke was running thin. In the last year of my blogging life, my health began to give out. Four bronchial infections in 12 months had become progressively harder to kick. Vacations, such as they were, had become mere opportunities for sleep. My dreams were filled with the snippets of code I used each day to update the site. My friendships had atrophied as my time away from the web dwindled. My doctor, dispensing one more course of antibiotics, finally laid it on the line: “Did you really survive HIV to die of the web?”

Read the whole thing, it is long but worth it.

I find that for everything the internet helps me with, it also subtracts something. Maybe on the whole there are more credits than debits, but my discovery the last few yeas has been that I need to set limits, to declare “this far and no father!” or I end up less of a man.



  1. I’d never have guessed you liked him. I always found him utterly self-indulgent. Woe is me! And all that.

    1. Sullivan is very smart and can be engaging, and yes a little self-indulgent, but that is part of blogging.
      Mostly I just find him overwhelming.

  2. Yes, really well said. Thanks for linking to it.

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