The Loser Vote

Another good (and somewhat painful to read) article from Kevin Williamson on how losers view life and politics:

Bill Clinton was, so far as I can tell, the first American president who was actively admired for his dishonesty. Democrats — and not only they — loved to bask in Slick Willie’s cleverness, to watch him get himself into jams and get himself out again, making his opponents look like fools. Of course he betrayed his family, his supporters, and the country that entrusted him with the highest office in the land — but he won! This is what is going on in the mind of Donald Trump when he praises Vladimir Putin: Sure, he’s a brute, but look at those poll numbers. That is why in the minds of his admirers, anything Trump does can be spun into gold. “Winning!”

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  1. I suppose Williamson said that because another Clinton is running now. JFK was admired for the same thing, mistresses and all.

    1. Not quite the same: Clinton was admired precisely for being a good liar, JFK was admired for other reasons (mostly because he was rich).
      People might admire JFK for the quality and quantity of the women he slept with, no one thinks the women Clinton slept with or forced himself upon were attractive.

      1. LOL – Speak for yourself. I LIKE “big hair”.

      2. And big noses (Paula Jones) and big… everything (Lewinsky).

      3. And low self-esteem! Lemme at ’em!
        (Testosterone drives men mad.)

  2. What the HELL- the article is wonderful and then he just stops in mid air….! That’s irritating. It should’ve been twice as long.

    1. I think he saves the long ones for the other side of National Reviews paywall.

      1. No, I don’t subscribe to NR and I don’t think there is a long form of this one.
        Williamson will often mention his upbringing but never delves into much detail.

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