Circular Firing Squads

The National Catholic Register just fired their two most popular bloggers, Mark Shea and Simcha Fisher. Shea for being a jerk, Fisher for making (harmless) sex jokes on Facebook.

A couple of times I considered doing a post on Mark Shea because he can be an irritating jerk about politics but never did because (surprise!) I am often an irritating jerk about politics and it just isn’t worth getting annoyed. It is the internet, people. Shea is an important voice for American Catholics because he points out all the myriad reasons that they should mistrust the Republican party which has been leading them on for years on the Pro-Life thing while screwing them on other issues.

Doing an internet search on exactly what triggered the NCR firings I found all sorts of victory dances by “conservatives” and tut-tutting by “progressives”.  I suppose the Catholic Church is my “tribe” but these things are reminders that there are tribes within tribes engaging in their own little civil wars, coups, and purges and a reminder that the Church in America is in a bad position: the majority uneducated and indifferent, and too many in the serious minority easily caught up in stupid reactionary behavior or fighting for influence over an ever smaller number of believers.



  1. I don’t know anything about these two in particular, but I’d suggest it might be a good time for re-thinking things.
    I’ve been thinking about this state of affairs since TDB exposed that Yiannopoulos person collected charity money a year ago which was being *kept* in his personal bank account. I just find the whole thing surreal. A movement that will oppose gay marriage (no more traditional and conservative an institution) but will embrace someone like Yiannopoulos who enjoys describing in public the colour of genitalia he prefers?
    There’s a serious problem with that mindset. It means people don’t genuinely understand whose values are in line with their own and whose are not.

    1. There is a big resorting going on in U.S. politics and culture, Trump (and Sanders) are a sign of that.
      I don’t think I’ll be voting for a decade or two.

      1. The problem I see is neither of them have actually come out and told people the truth.
        Or is it that the truth is just too boring and unpleasant to win elections?

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