Bad News, Worse News, Good News


Race riots in Milwaukee and flooding in Louisiana.

I lived two years in Wisconsin and used to travel quite a bit to Louisiana for business, together the states represent my second favorite places after New England.

I’m not sure why they call it a race riot – back in the day it was Irish against Black or Black against Jew, now it is just Black against themselves.

The riots of course are absurd. I don’t blindly support law-enforcement – I’ve known too many cops – but rioting is never justified. It is an existential threat to the common good that must simply be stopped. Someone is always willing to excuse rioters – the people are frustrated and have legitimate grievances – but a riot is not a spontaneous expression of legitimate aspirations. It is a minority of sociopaths taking advantage of a tense situation to rob their neighbors.

They say the flooding in Louisiana is as bad (some say worse) than Katrina. Last time the rain was all George Bush’s fault but now that there is a Democrat in office it is just, you know, rain. I don’t care if Obama continues his vacation while Louisiana drowns, as a matter of fact I think it is for the best, what is he going to from Washington or New Orleans? It isn’t his job to micromanage relief. (See, I can support Obama on occasion!)

But the press heaped blame on Bush for his hands-off approach, and now that they have their guy they don’t utter a peep, the fucking hypocrites. I think it was Mark Steyn who said the main aspiration of a journalist is to be a eunuch in Obama’s court.

The worst thing about Louisiana is its corrupt politics and violent neighborhoods (some parts of Baton Rouge are awful) the best thing is its friendly people.

Since huntin’ and fishin’ are common hobbies in the swampy state, most guys own a boat, and the sportsmen are out in force calling themselves the Cajun Navy. It is a beautiful thing.

Please check out Rod Dreher’s blog. Dreher lives in Baton Rouge and has been describing the flooding and rescue efforts.


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