The New West Bank?

When mentioning terrorism in Israel, English-speaking media outlets routinely frame their headlines to make the Israelis seem responsible. For example, if a Palestinian goes on a knife attack, the headline will be Palestinian Youth Shot By Israeli Police; Three People Stabbed. There is nothing in the headline to suggest that the police might have had a reason to shoot the Palestinian youth, or that the stabbing and shooting incidences might have been somehow related.

It is a curious phenomena, one I always thought motivated by simple antisemitism. But now look at this headline from the BBC:

Since the targets were not Jews but Germans, I can’t think antisemitism is at play. The BBC has since changed the headline, but not Reuters: Syrian Man Denied Asylum Killed in German Blast.

Damn those Germans and their blasts!

So, what is going on here? Why the incapacity of the press to speak plainly about Arab terrorism? We know journalists are not smart people: they are unselfconsciously ideological, easily manipulated, and addicted to cliches. Are they so used to blaming Jews for the actions of crazy Arabs that it has just become the way they refer to Arab terrorism in general?

Germans are now Jews. Funny that.


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