Depressing News

Blogger Ace of Spades is threatening to quit.

The announcement came after a tirade against Trump supporters who were angry at Ted Cruz for not endorsing their candidate.

One of the most retarded aspects of GOP politics — and there are many retarded aspects — is the childish and embarrassing spectacle of idiots choosing their Pokemon Champion and brooking no insult to their cuddly avatar…

It is amazing to me that while we debate who will be president, stupid motherfuckers continue focusing on the only thing their little minds can grasp: whether this Personality was deferential to my Hero Personality.

Listen up, morons: It’s not just about your Personality Pokemon Battles.

One of Ace’s main contributions to the blogging world was constantly pointing out how tribal affiliations and class aspirations determine the politics of people who claim to be independent of such things.

Anyway, then came the bombshell:

I think it’s time for me to announce that I’m looking to make my exit from the blog and politics as soon as I can arrange it. I can’t take the stupidity, the juvenile hero worship, the backbiting, the groupthink enforced by bullies and dummies any more.

It’s disgusting. It’s stupid. It’s unhealthy for the mind and spirit.

I just can’t take it much longer. And I won’t.

He’s right of course. But I will miss blog entries like this one on breakfast cereal.



  1. Bummer. I guess I’m too defiant to quit, especially when it comes to bullies and the stoopid. It does get discouraging sometimes, but we have to remember that those who yell the loudest are usually the ones feeling the most powerless.

    1. Do those cliches help you? Right now Trump is yelling the loudest. Powerless? Hardly. How much money has he made by having his company sell products/services to his campaign? In May the campaign *rented* his Mar-a-lago estate for $400,000.

      1. YOU are actually nothing but a cliche, Pink. You cannot even comprehend that reality may exist beyond your own pre-conceived notions and ideology.

        I never said anything at all about Trump, but since you bring it up, yes his followers are feeling powerless, hence all the shrieking, chest pounding, and displays of bravado.

      2. Trump himself is loud and NOT feeling powerless. Hence that line is a cliche. People can be loud and have power. The same was/is true of most political manipulators. Chavez in Venezuela was incredibly loud.

    2. Ace of Spades is a political blog so I can see him getting burnt out. I don’t have that problem 1) because very few people read me so expectations are low 2) I blog about whatever I want. If I don’t feel like talking politics or whatever, I don’t.
      The benefits of being a gasbag I suppose.

    3. Please don’t ever quit, Insanity. I’m still quite confident we can help you see reason, but if we can’t, I’d hate to lose such inspiration. 🙂

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