The System Isn’t Broken

Kevin Williamson notes:

The belief that sufficiently powerful political actors are constrained by statute or Constitution is a fiction, one that we would do well to liberate ourselves from immediately. It isn’t that “the system is broken.” “The system” didn’t give us this administration, this Congress, these federal agencies; the people chose them, either directly or indirectly.

We are governed by criminals because we consent to be governed by criminals.

It is good to keep this in mind. If the current Presidential options are a criminal and a game-show host, it is because your neighbors like it that way.

In that spirit, I stumbled across this Wikipedia entry describing the political career of Chicago Alderman and Gangster Frank Roti. I love the last sentence:

He also led the fight for Chicago’s handgun ban in Chicago’s City Council and was instrumental in placing the Chicago Outfit’s main plant, William Hanhardt, now a convicted jewel thief due to be released from prison in 2012, in the position of Chief of Detectives.

The NRA likes to say “If guns are criminalized then only criminals will carry guns” which for people like Frank Roti is a feature not a bug.



  1. And the NRA’s interest as a corporation is people’s rights?

    1. Back in the 90s there was the complaint that the NRA was more about defending gun manufacturers than gun owners, but I’ve not heard that in a while. Most gun control laws are about harassing harmless people because criminals are by definition hard to police.

      1. Seriously? Harassing people? Is the army going to go into homes to confiscate guns? Or is what we’re actually talking about regulation for future purchases? Because future regulation doesn’t actually qualify as harassment.
        The DMV isn’t harassing people for making them get a license to drive.

      2. And you need a license to carry a firearm.
        Harassment consists of making regular people jump through more and more hoops to exercise their civil rights because you can’t be bothered to police career criminals or straw buyers.
        Did you see the link about that Roti fellow above? Member of La Cosa Nostra who pushed gun control. Why would he do that? Because it has nothing to do with fighting crime.

      3. I just don’t understand how or why you go off on these conspiracy theory tangents.
        There’s nothing unreasonable about having people pass a proper exam before owning any object that can cause serious harm. An automatic weapon can be bought in some places in 15 minutes. You can’t possibly tell me that’s a good thing.

      4. Not a conspiracy theory just an observation of how machine politics work.
        It is almost impossible to legally purchase an automatic weapon in the U.S. I know of one guy in my area who can, he trains police and is subject to yearly audits by the ATF.

      5. And yet an assistant cameraman for Channel 4 news UK did it while on the air…

      6. Must not have been an automatic firearm. I have a license to carry and know the relevant laws.

      7. Semi-automatic. Enough to do Orlando-style damage.

      8. The FBI has the right to deny any firearms sale. They could have done it with Matteen, but that involves paperwork and paperwork is boring. So much easier to grandstand and make up more laws that no one will enforce.

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