Monthly Archives: July 2016

Questioning Motives

Ace of Spades on internet personas: Human beings’ motivations are very opaque to themselves. People tend to think of themselves — at least in their public, performative Online Theatrical presentation of themselves — as so highly morally refined as to be above all self-serving behavior. They think of themselves — or at least talk as […]

Progressive Christianity (Part 3 of 3)

This is my last post on Progressive Christianity. Part one is here, and part two here. These are not meant to be exhaustive treatments, but sketches. In the past I’ve insisted that the church is an inherently conservative community because by its very nature it tries to conserve and hand on the tradition it received from […]

The New West Bank?

When mentioning terrorism in Israel, English-speaking media outlets routinely frame their headlines to make the Israelis seem responsible. For example, if a Palestinian goes on a knife attack, the headline will be Palestinian Youth Shot By Israeli Police; Three People Stabbed. There is nothing in the headline to suggest that the police might have had a reason […]

Poor White Folk

J.D. Vance was born a poor hillbilly, joined the Marines (who discovered he was smart) and ended up attending Yale Law School. Rod Dreher interviews him here about white and black poverty, Donald Trump, Christianity, and the Marines. On the two parties: The two political parties have offered essentially nothing to these people for a […]

Depressing News

Blogger Ace of Spades is threatening to quit. The announcement came after a tirade against Trump supporters who were angry at Ted Cruz for not endorsing their candidate. One of the most retarded aspects of GOP politics — and there are many retarded aspects — is the childish and embarrassing spectacle of idiots choosing their […]

The Contemporary Conundrum

Interesting thoughts from Orthodox blogger Stephen Freeman: Morality asks questions of right and wrong. What constitutes right action and why? Virtue asks an even deeper question. What kind of person is able to think and act in a right way? In terms of the gospel, we can see virtue as lying at the heart of […]

Progressive Christianity II

Jesus proclaimed the Kingdom of God but what he meant by the phrase it is not very clear to someone picking up the New Testament today. The Kingdom of God is probably best understood as “the space where God is king, i.e. where his law is obeyed.” Hence the words of the Lord’s Prayer: thy […]