Is Gin a Girly Drink? A Refutation of The Pink Agendist


The following is an excerpt from Refutatio et Exscidium Hereticorum by St Remy of Aquitaine (1150? – 1205). Book Four is De Spiritus which concerns itself with Angels, Demons, and Alcohol. In Question 14, St Remy takes up the thesis, Is Gin A Girly Drink?


To some heretics, it seems that gin is a girly drink, fine for summer evenings, but otherwise to be avoided by men.

The heretics make the following arguments:

Objection 1:  Women drink gin. Therefore gin is a girly drink.

Objection 2: Gin is flavored with berries and is often said to have citrus overtones. Now citrus and berries are fruits, but if you call a man a “fruit” it does not connote manliness, but a deficiency of manliness. Therefore, gin is a girly drink.

Objection 3: All men agree that the brown liqueurs are the most manly, but the clear liqueurs are the contrary of the brown. Therefore, the clear liqueurs must be the contrary of manliness, and are therefore girly.

Ego autem dico that gin is not a girly drink, but a manly one, for as the Psalmist says: Pleasing is your law to me, pleasing as the scent of juniper berries. And the Psalmist was a man.

That gin is a manly drink is clear from its material, efficient and final causes. The material cause is the juniper berry, which has a fresh, pleasing and masculine scent. The efficient cause was manly mercenaries and adventurers who favored it above all drinks, and who learned to make it from doctors who were also men. The final cause may be inferred from the original name, Dutch Courage, because men drank it in order to gain the courage to attack fortresses and talk to hot chicks in bars. Hence, gin is a manly drink.

Reply to Objection 1: Women who drink gin are for the most part British prostitutes who wear immodest skirts and shout Oi, fancy a good time gov’ner? through bad teeth. Such should not be taken as proper examples of womanhood.

Reply to Objection 2: Citrus is not essential to gin, but accidental. It may also have vegetable or herbal overtones, and these are manly. The essence of gin is the juniper berry, which while it is indeed a berry, it is also of the pine family, and pines smell of camping, a manly activity.

Reply to Objection 3: While it is clear that brown liqueurs are the most manly of drinks the difference is not one of kind, but of degree. A less manly drink still participates in the virtue of manliness, as a candle participates in heat, and a bonfire participates in heat, but not to the same degree.


  1. LOL! A delightful discussion. I may have failed at the feminine thing, because I’m pretty sure that gin is the stuff you just use to get tar off the floor.

    1. No, you actually prove my point. Thanks.

    1. Glad to make you happy, even if it is by proving you wrong.

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  3. All drinks are girly drinks. I have a fine collection of ladies’ single malts.

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