Art in Unexpected Places


Per Merriam Webster: Geek (v): be or become extremely excited or enthusiastic about a subject, typically one of specialist or minority interest.


After an evening of seeing which martini I prefer (a cucumber Tanquery or a dirty Bombay Sapphire? Sweetness or salt? Lots of samples, still can’t decide.) I arrived home and thought I would catch an episode of my new show, The Last Airbender, and saw this:


A cartoon whose target audience is middle school boys playing on the same network that gave my generation green slime and Ren and Stimpy goes there.

I had a geek moment. I shed a single tear. It smelt like gin.


  1. Try a vodka martini with a brand called Russian Standard Vodka. Gin’s okay for an afternoon summer drink- but it’s a bit on the girly side 😀

    1. I’d be sputtering with rage, but then I was the one shedding a tear over a cartoon.

  2. Lucretius · · Reply

    I grew up watching Avatar (I’m twenty-one).

    Everytime I go back and watch I realize how well done it is. The second seasons plot is probably the best. Zuko’s character in particular is the one with the most depth.

    How far are you into the series? I might decide to watch it again now 🙂

    Christi pax,


    1. I found seasons one and two improved as they went along. I’m starting season three, so far some of the episodes are disappointing – too juvenile, but I hope it will turn around.

      1. Lucretius · ·

        Season three starts out as “fun” episodes: laid back and funny, but then after the Eclipse events become more serious.

        Zuko’s internal conflict is viewed more in depth, and is even shown to be based all the way in his family history. I’m sure you have already seen that Zuko’s decision in Ba Sing Se’s underground is eating him alive..

        There is a lot more character depth tied into the final season for everyone, Toph, Katara, Sakka, Aang, even Azula and Roku.

        Christi pax,


      2. That’s good to hear, but no spoilers.
        I usually enjoy the “fun” episodes – the one where Toph was running confidence scams was great – but the one with the fire kids at the beach made my skin crawl, as did the one with Aang hallucinating. There is a difference between being a show for kids and being a show that panders to kids.

      3. Lucretius · ·

        Well, the Ember Island episode was mostly a fan service episode, but, especially at the end, there are actually serious character traits revealed that lead to some major plot points later in the season (for all four of the fire teens). In particular, that episode is probably the first look we have of Azula when she isn’t acting like a socialpathic genius strategist: notice how terrible she actually is with people when they don’t bow down to her for being the Fire Lord’s daughter? And how she has problems with her mother? These insights and the others are very important latter on 😉 Many of these insights can be seen, in retrospect, all the way back in season two.

        What I noticed is that the authors tend to hide major points in even silly episodes like these. I do think the hallucination episode was just for fun though: and I remember cracking up when Appa just suddenly starts talking.

        Christi pax,


      4. Lucretius · ·

        In fact, now that I think about it, Ember Island is actually a really important episode for season three’s plot, in retrospect.

        Christi pax,


      5. I’m not saying the writers were just phoning it in, there were obvious set ups going on, but 1) show me, don’t tell me and 2) depressed teenagers moaning about their feelings does not make for good TV.
        Though the episode did redeem itself a little when they went and burnt down the popular kid’s mansion.

      6. Lucretius · ·

        I can’t show you because then I’ll be spoiling it 😏

        Christi pax,


      7. No, I mean that the writers should show me the inner conflicts of the kids rather than have the kids declaim how mom and dad screwed them up. For the most part they do a good job of this, but not in that episode.
        Fun trivia: I was watching Arrested Development a few days ago and was shocked to realize that one of the actors on that show is also in Last Airbender. Who is the actor?

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