The End of the Religious Right?

Donald Trump had a meeting with a bunch of Evangelical “Leaders” (though many seem to be has-beens… I’m not sure if Ralph Reed leads anything nowadays) to secure their support, and some bloggers are seeing this as the end of the Religious Right as a meaningful movement.

It is not surprising that the Religious Right should eventually meet the same fate as the Religious Left. The problem with the Religious Left was that once it became clear that the way to be a good Christian was to support Progressive causes, there was no longer any reason to be a Christian. If Evangelical leaders embrace Trump – a man who shares few of their concerns – then it will have become clear that belonging to the Religious Right is simply a matter of being an obedient Republican.

In which case, get ready for the Post-Religious Right.


One comment

  1. Interesting! I’ve been having similar thoughts and concerns. Morally I can’t really go left or right so I am left in the middle…where all the road kill is.

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