Ideology and Bad Movies

Molly Hemingway theorizes that the new Ghostbusters film is being promoted as a feminist film because the producers know it is a bad movie and need to get people to go see it anyway. By promoting it as a polarizing feminist film, feminists will feel the need to go and see it no matter how bad it may be.

Ms Hemingway points out movie studios have been doing this with Christian movies for the last ten years or so. “Prove Hollywood wrong, show your love for Jesus, and give us money to watch this steaming pile.” Mel Gibson pulled off this style of marketing brilliantly with The Passion, but that movie at least had cinematographic merit.  Gibson wasn’t the first though; a few years prior Ciderhouse Rules was aggressively marketed by Planned Parenthood since the film celebrated the kinder, gentler side of dismembering fetuses.

If a bunch of feminists want to hand over wads of cash to Sony in order to prove their tribal loyalties, fine. It is a win/win. If the movie proves to be unfunny, well, that’s feminism for you.



  1. I hear that large female comedian is in this film. Molly, Melissa? Something with an M. She’s often funny. The others I don’t really know…

    1. Melissa McCarthy I think. Some people like her others find her annoying. Like most comedians, I guess.
      I hope for them it is a funny movie and they all make a ton of money. The way it is being promoted makes me have my doubts.

  2. ” If the movie proves to be unfunny, well, that’s feminism for you”

    LOL! Well, you have me laughing already.

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