Wiemar America?

“Trump is a fascist” say the people using street violence as a political tool in a scene out of the Wiemar Republic. As I like to say, the dark night of fascism is always descending on the American right, and always landing on the American left.

Sanders and Clinton to their credit not only condemned the violence, but made it clear that they understood who were the violent perpetrators (Latino activists) and who were the victims (Trump supporters), unlike some newspapers who use neutral language like ‘Trump gives speech, people injured.”

Of course some people would argue that it is all Trump’s fault for saying illegal immigrants should be deported, since as we all know brown people have no free will and are only capable of Pavlovian responses to statements made by white people.

I theorize that there is almost no such thing as a spontaneous riot. Rioters (even brown ones) plan their attacks because they see violence as an acceptable political tool. Whites rioted against black civil rights activists in the South because they saw it as a political tool. Blacks riot against the police because it is a political tool. Arabs riot every other day because it is a political tool. These riots have their planners and organizers.

The people who excuse rioting and treat it as a spontaneous event most likely have analogous political interests, so it is to their advantage to act like it is the result of impersonal forces.


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  1. You theorize very correctly. I think the only exception is the lynching effect (it also happens in the media). And of course it happens in the animal world. If an animal is wounded, others see it as a chance for a successful attack. The attack can serve a variety of purposes, from feeding to affirming one’s position in the pack.
    If you’re bored and have nothing to do one day, check out a book called A Natural History of Families, by Scott Forbes. It shows how a huge percentage of behaviours that we think are to do with very personal situations, circumstances etc. are actually exactly the same animal reactions that occur in other species. For example in nature a number of animals will reject their parent taking on a different spouse! Isn’t that interesting? It’s an evolutionary response to having your bloodline sidelined/placed in a lower position to another bloodline. Survival means you will naturally fight for the priority of your line.

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