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A Return to Christendom?

Orthodox author Rod Dreher makes a good point: You know that I deeply want Europe to return to its Christian roots, but doing so out of purely tribal, nationalistic reasons does not give one hope that such a return would be truly Christian. The problem for people like me is that nationalistic religion is, unfortunately, part […]

What if the American Education System is Bad on Purpose?

Well, America does not really have an educational “system”: each town pays for its own school, school districts pool some of the money, and the states and federal government kick in some subsidies (subsidies which they can then threaten to remove, creating an effective control mechanism.) Running parallel are private schools. But American schools do […]

Art for Children

My recent posts on the Nickelodeon show Avatar: The Last Airbender has reminds me of the fact that the lines between children’s entertainment and adult entertainment are often artificial. I was about four years old when I watched the film adaptation of Watership Down. People will often emphatically say that Watership Down is not for children, but it sure held my attention. […]

Is Gin a Girly Drink? A Refutation of The Pink Agendist

The following is an excerpt from Refutatio et Exscidium Hereticorum by St Remy of Aquitaine (1150? – 1205). Book Four is De Spiritus which concerns itself with Angels, Demons, and Alcohol. In Question 14, St Remy takes up the thesis, Is Gin A Girly Drink?   To some heretics, it seems that gin is a girly drink, fine for summer […]

Art in Unexpected Places

Per Merriam Webster: Geek (v): be or become extremely excited or enthusiastic about a subject, typically one of specialist or minority interest.   After an evening of seeing which martini I prefer (a cucumber Tanquery or a dirty Bombay Sapphire? Sweetness or salt? Lots of samples, still can’t decide.) I arrived home and thought I would […]

Megan McArdle on Brexit

Megan McArdle has this to say over at Bloomberg: For though elites may find something vaguely horrifying about saying that you care more about people who are like you than you do about people who are culturally or geographically further away, the rest of the population is outraged by the never-stated corollary: that the elites […]

The End of the Religious Right?

Donald Trump had a meeting with a bunch of Evangelical “Leaders” (though many seem to be has-beens… I’m not sure if Ralph Reed leads anything nowadays) to secure their support, and some bloggers are seeing this as the end of the Religious Right as a meaningful movement. It is not surprising that the Religious Right should […]