One Reason Why People Support Trump

Donald Trump referred to Senator Warren (my Senator from Massachusetts) as Pocahontas, because the lily white Warren once claimed to be an American Indian in order to take advantage of Harvard University’s Affirmative Action program, even though she could not prove such ancestry and being so white she never would have suffered any of the anti-Native discrimination Harvard’s Affirmative Action program was designed to correct.

When someone demanded he apologize, Trump doubled down. Ace of Spades gives his approval:

Trump won because when a Native American activist (posing as a journalist) declared that “Pocahontas” was “very offensive” as used in regard to Elizabeth Warren — dishonestly, I might add, as everyone knows the term is used to deny she’s an Indian, not to denigrate her as an Indian, and everyone knows this, and only a liar pretends otherwise — Trump did not begin falling over himself to make apologies and keep the well-wishes of the increasingly unreasonable left-wing hegemony.

He just began making fun of the stupid silly bitch for being a stupid silly bitch.

Ouch, but Ace is correct. Most people from Massachusetts who did not vote for Senator Warren (and even some who did) call her sarcastic Indian names (my favorite is Chief Full-Of-Bull, Lieawatha a close second) not because they think she is a real Indian, but because they think she is a fake one. It is how a large percentage of the population sees her. The accusation that it is a manifestation of racism is absurd and yes, dishonest.

Ace continues:

We’ve been falling all ourselves for 30 years to try to convince the increasingly extremist left wing assholes that we’re not all the foul things they call us…

It’s about time we woke and realized they cannot be convinced, because they never really believed their bullshit anyway, it was always for the purposes of exacting rents out of people and making them knuckle under.

Trump is immune to such Mean Girl persuasions not because he’s an especially courageous or wise man, but because he’s a narcissist and a bully himself. Not because he’s a good man, but because he’s a fairly bad one.

Trump was the only politician in the Republican party not willing to be bullied by the speech police and so, according to Ace, he won the nomination.


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