How Trump Supporters Think

Turns out Trump supporters are a declasse version of Obama supporters. Let me explain.

Ace of Spades had a classic post called The MacGuffinization of American Politics about the acritical attitude of the American press towards President Obama, and it strikes me as a good introduction to understanding how Trump supporters think.

According to Alfred Hitchcock, the MacGuffin is the thing which the hero of the movie pursues, and which the bad guys want to keep him from getting. It does not matter what the MacGuffin actually is, the audience only cares about it to the degree the hero wants it. We don’t care if Indiana Jones wants the Ark of the Covenant or the Holy Grail, the only thing that matters is that Indiana wants it.

Once you understand that, according to Ace of Spades, you understand why the media covers Obama the way they do: it does not matter to them what Obama wants, the only thing that matters is that Obama wants it, because Obama is the hero of the movie.

Is the Affordable Care Act good for America? Is it constitutional? Was the administration lying about its contents? Is it even a coherent and functional law?

Those questions were never relevant to the American press. Obama is the hero of the movie, and the ACA was the MacGuffin.

Is Obama’s deal with Iran good for America? Does it slow or accelerate Iran’s pursuit of a nuclear weapon?

Irrelevant. The Iran deal was just another MacGuffin. Seriously, you may as well be asking if Indiana Jones is breaking any laws when he loots South American tombs.

The MacGuffin is all mine!

The MacGuffin is all mine!

Once you understand how the press sees Obama and why they are incapable of exercising critical thought, it becomes pretty clear why Trump supporters can’t see that he is incoherent, a con man, buffoon, and temperamentally unfit for public office. They don’t care. It doesn’t matter. He is the hero of the movie.

You may as well be asking if Jules and Vincent Vega might have crossed some moral lines while fetching the briefcase.

Hand over the MacGuffin, I mean, briefcase.

Hand over the MacGuffin, I mean, briefcase.

Trump supporters are acritical cheerleaders for a hero, a personality to which they are attached. They have no rational excuse for supporting Trump but they don’t need one, just like they don’t need a rational excuse for cheering on the hero of a movie.

Does Trump contradict his previous statements on important issues every time he opens his mouth? Does he utter policy inanities every chance he gets? Doesn’t matter: it is not about the policy, it is all about the personality.

The difference between Obama supporters and Trump supporters is not mental. The distinction is purely aesthetic. It comes down to what sort of movie they would rather watch.






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