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One Reason Why People Support Trump

Donald Trump referred to Senator Warren (my Senator from Massachusetts) as Pocahontas, because the lily white Warren once claimed to be an American Indian in order to take advantage of Harvard University’s Affirmative Action program, even though she could not prove such ancestry and being so white she never would have suffered any of the […]

Workin’ Class Blues

Over at Rod Dreher’s blog there is an interesting discussion on the trades. He points out that one the one hand, the American educational system denigrates the trades. Kids who have no business going to college are encouraged by teachers and guidance counselors to spend vast sums of money on degrees of questionable value, when […]

Public and Private

Here is an idea I’ve had about the Great Bathroom War of 2016, which may be quite wrong for all I know: Perhaps it is an argument about what should be public, and what should be private. From my perspective (which according to the Attorney General of the United States is one of Hitleresque bigotry […]

More Than Just Bathrooms

Welcome to the Great Bathroom War of 2016. It isn’t about bathrooms of course, we all know that. But what is it about? As the Attorney General says about the current bathroom war in North Carolina: This action is about a great deal more than just bathrooms… … none of us can stand by when a state […]

Welcome to the post-Christian right.

An interesting line from Rod Dreher: Most churchgoing Christians who are Republican voted for other candidates in the primaries; Trump’s victory showed how little power religious and social conservatives have now… …Trump is part of what it means to be in a post-Christian nation (and so, by the way, is Hillary, with the platform she’s […]

How Trump Supporters Think

Turns out Trump supporters are a declasse version of Obama supporters. Let me explain. Ace of Spades had a classic post called The MacGuffinization of American Politics about the acritical attitude of the American press towards President Obama, and it strikes me as a good introduction to understanding how Trump supporters think. According to Alfred Hitchcock, the MacGuffin […]

A Marginal Church

In my last post I mused on the relative poverty of our political and social predictions, then I went ahead and predicted a bunch of stuff anyway, specifically about the church in America. My prognostications can be seen as pessimistic: I predicted that America will become more culturally pagan and fragmented, that there will be […]