See Liberals, this is why people hate you.

At Toronto’s Munk debates on Europe’s migrant crisis Simon Schama and Louise Arbour were arguing that mass migration of Arabs into Europe is a fine and wonderful thing, but it was not enough for them to make their points (which were not bad), they also had to sneer and posture and belittle, dismissing Mark Steyn’s concerns about the escalating rape rates in Northern Europe as being “obsessed with sex”.

It was a laugh line.

Let that sink in:

To the liberal mind, if some one is concerned about Arab rape mobs taking over train stations it is because he is sex-obsessed. The proper liberal reaction is to think hey, Arabs get rapey sometimes, chillax. Of course if they were white frat boys, we would throw them out of school and ruin their lives on the basis of a mere accusation, not of rape, but of engaging a drunken hookup. But Arabs gang raping little girls? Hey, whaddayagonna do?

Liberals, this is why people hate you. You get your nose so far in the air that you cannot see the reality in front of you, nor the humanity of people who disagree with you. I think that was the real problem in the debate below – Schama and Arbour simply did not see their opponents as humans but as cartoon characters who can’t possibly have an intelligent thought or honest feeling.

Watch Mark Steyn’s reaction. It is entirely fitting.


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