See, this is why people are voting for Trump.

Two Words: Cui Bono?

It literally means, “to whom the good?” Who benefits?

It is a useful little question to ask yourself when you read about this kind of stuff. In the working class town of Framingham, Massachusetts, four Guatemaltecos abducted, robbed and beat a young couple, raping the girl. The kidnapping happened in broad daylight. Of course, all four young men were illegals. Of course, two of them had been previously arrested for drunk driving and never punished. Of course, two of them had been deported to Guatemala only to return a few days later.

Now, it could just as easily have been blacks or white trash as Guatemalans, I get that. But you would figure that already having a certain population of knuckleheads and sociopaths in your country you would not want to set up conditions by which more of them can just walk in. It would just be nice, wouldn’t it, to be able to pick and chose who comes in. It would be nice if there were some organisation whose job it was to make laws governing who can come in, and who can’t…

Oh, wait. That’s right, I forgot. The United States of America simply chooses to not enforce its immigration laws.

Why? Cui Bono?

Lets say you are rich. With lots of illegal aliens around you have a huge labor pool that you can exploit and they have no recourse to the law. With that cheap labor you can eat at more restaurants, get a nice old latina to do your laundry, get the lawn mowed, get a bigger house. You benefit a great deal from cheap labor.

Lets say you live in a blue collar town like, oh, I don’t know, Framingham, MA. With wages depressed it makes little economic sense to get a job when you can go on welfare. Only your self respect prevents you, and self-respect only holds out so long. Your kids’ school is now overwhelmed by foreign students who can’t speak the language, and whom the school does not have the resources to educate. There are parts of town where you cannot go: you are unwelcome there. Little by little you notice that you are becoming a foreigner in your own neighborhood.

Oh! And get this, if you complain about depressed wages and transformed neighborhoods, rich people call you a racist. On top of their economic benefits they get the added benefit of posing as being morally superior to the ignorant rabble beneath them.

And they don’t have to live in Framingham.


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