Monthly Archives: February 2016

Movie Review: Risen

I saw Risen the other night. I had not been planning to see it but ended up going with friends. It wasn’t bad… at least not in the sense of “why the hell did I spend $7 on this crap”, but the more Jesus movies I see the more I like Zeffirelli’s old Jesus of Nazareth which […]

Compassion Without Cost

An interesting comment from Rod Dreher on his Christian compassion for immigrants: For people in our socioeconomic demographic, greater immigration meant more and better restaurants, and better lawn and garden care. Our kids weren’t having their schools overrun by children who couldn’t speak the language; they went to private school, or to public schools in […]


In my last post about drug and gun control, I said this: He is as terrified of his son being shot as my neighbor is of her son ending up a junkie. Both he and my neighbor blame an inanimate object – a firearm or bag of heroin – and not the cultural standards that their […]

A Problem of Perspective

I am highly skeptical of government efforts to control firearms and drugs for many reasons which I don’t need to go into here, but which all boil down to the fact that government is downstream of culture. Culture, not guns, determines murder rates. Culture, not police action, determines whether people abuse pot, alcohol, or heroin. I do […]

Republicans Are So Racist…

…that two Cubans and a black guy won 60% of the Republican vote in Iowa’s straw poll. That having been said, none of the top four impress me. The most experienced executives bowed out of the race months ago, and Senator Paul – the only survivor with original ideas – is not much of a […]