In an earlier post I was trying to understand the mentality of the Eurocrats who thought it was a dandy idea with no possible downside to import a few million unvetted young Arab men into their countries, and that anyone who pointed out the folly was called a racist, even after a few of them shot up Paris and gangs of them run around groping and raping women.

Today I found this, from an article by Kenneth Minogue that sums up the mentality quite nicely. He calls it “Olympianism”, and counts it along with Communism and Progressivism as one of the three versions of the modern Western worldview. Many of his assertions are debatable, but it is a very good article over all.

I quote at length, removing some lines and adding a few comments in italics.

Olympianism defined:

“We may define Olympianism as a vision of human betterment to be achieved on a global scale by forging the peoples of the world into a single community based on the universal enjoyment of appropriate human rights. Olympianism is the cast of mind dedicated to this end, which is believed to correspond to the triumph of reason and community over superstition and hatred. It is a politico-moral package in which the modern distinction between morals and politics disappears into the aspiration for a shared mode of life in which the communal transcends individual life. To be a moral agent is in these terms to affirm a faith in a multicultural humanity whose social and economic conditions will be free from the causes of current misery….”

This is why the Merkels of the world must import Arabs. It not only reduces the misery of the migrants, it also furthers the goal of history, the fusion of all people into one community. Resistance is simple racism. 

Olympiansim is for democracy in principle, against it in practice: Democracy is the ideal because authority is wicked, but real voters are stupid and must be controlled by the enlightened.

“To be an Olympian is to be entangled in a complex dialectic involving elitism and egalitarianism. The foundational elitism of the Olympian lies in self-ascribed rationality, generally picked up on an academic campus. Egalitarianism involves a formal adherence to democracy as a rejection of all forms of traditional authority, but with no commitment to taking any serious notice of what the people actually think. Olympians instruct mortals, they do not obey them. Ideally, Olympianism spreads by rational persuasion, as prejudice gives way to enlightenment. Equally ideally, democracy is the only tolerable mode of social coordination, but until the majority of people have become enlightened, it must be constrained within a framework of rights, to which Olympian legislation is constantly adding. Without these constraints, progress would be in danger from reactionary populism appealing to prejudice. The overriding passion of the Olympian is thus to educate the ignorant and everything is treated in educational terms. Laws for example are enacted not only to shape the conduct of the people, but also to send messages to them. A belief in the power of role models, public relations campaigns, and above all fierce restrictions on raising sensitive questions devant le peuple are all part of pedagogic Olympianism.

In other words, first you refuse to listen to anyone who suggests it might be bad to let a million unvetted Arabs into your country, since they didn’t go to the right schools. When those Arabs start raping girls you sit on the story for a few days for fear that the stupid voters might draw the conclusion that they were right all along and lose faith in their Olympian betters.

On the religious nature of Olympianism: 

“Olympianism is the characteristic belief system of today’s secularist, and it has itself many of the features of a religion. For one thing, the fusion of political conviction and moral superiority into a single package resembles the way in which religions (outside liberal states) constitute comprehensive ways of life supplying all that is necessary (in the eyes of believers) for salvation. Again, the religions with which we are familiar are monotheistic and refer everything to a single center. In traditional religions, this is usually God; with Olympianism, it is society, understood ultimately as including the whole of humanity. And Olympianism, like many religions, is keen to proselytize. Its characteristic mode of missionary activity is journalism and the media.”

The Olympian does not make mistakes. His ideas are not only practically correct and beneficial for humanity, they are also morally correct. Moral action and prudent action are therefore indistinguishable. Therefore, since it is compassionate to let in a million unvetted Arab men into your country, it is also prudent.    

“If Olympianism has the character of a religion, as I am suggesting, there would be no mystery about its hostility to Christianity….  Olympianism is an imperial project which can only be hindered by the association between Christianity and the West.”


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