Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump Still Lead the Polls


I know a few Trump supporters. They are practical men who are not interested in politics but who don’t like the general direction of the country, and they blame it on weak Republicans, free trade, and immigration. They don’t pay attention to details, like the fact that Trump is an unthinking blowhard, holds self-contradictory positions, and is not a particularly good businessman.

I know a few Sanders supporters. They are generally highly ideological and highly naive. They too do not like the general direction of the country, and they blame it on weak Democrats, free trade, and the Koch brothers. Sanders, like Trump, communicates in slogans that have little meaning, as if neither one has bothered to think anything through to the end.

Trump seems like a man of naturally average intellectual abilities spoiled by wealth and braggadocio: as if there was never anyone in his life with the guts to tell him he is wrong.

Sanders seems more like Joe Biden; just born dumb. I don’t say this as a matter of prejudice, it is a simple fact that unsecured loans are higher risk than secured loans (Sanders is amazed and saddened by this), or that there is no relationship between your choice of deodorants and child hunger (Sanders suspects there is).

A Trump / Sanders election would be a black comedy. In one corner a man who’s childish imagination overflows with cartoon capitalist villains cheating the working man; in the other, a man who does his best imitation of a cartoon capitalist, what he imagines a capitalist should be, but is not a actually a real capitalist: he doesn’t actually have any more money than what he inherited from his dad.


One comment

  1. I live smack dab in the middle of the Trump and Sanders supporters. You may pity me, it is precisely as bad as it sounds. I am working on my comedic skills, but this kind of black comedy requires a real stretch 😉

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